Best practices

This article describes some best practices for working with Attentive’s webhooks.

Event types

Your webhook URLs should be configured to receive only the types of event notifications required by your integration. We don’t recommend configuring the webhook to listen for additional event notifications (or all event notifications) because it could put undue strain on your server.

Order of events

Attentive doesn't guarantee delivery of event notifications in the order in which they're generated. For example, a subscribe event will trigger an SMS message send event notification.

Your URL shouldn't expect delivery of these event notifications in this order and should handle this accordingly.

Delivery attempts and retries

When your webhook is enabled, it delivers your webhook event notifications for up to three days with an exponential backoff. If the request surpasses those three days, we no longer attempt to deliver that request.

If your URL was disabled or deleted when we attempted a retry, future retries of that event notification are prevented.

Disable logic

Attentive attempts to notify you of a misconfigured URL through email if a URL hasn't responded with a 2xx HTTP status code for multiple days in a row.

If the URL continues to fail for multiple days in a row, we notify you to let you know that your webhook was automatically disabled.