API rate limits


In order to make our APIs consistently available to all of our partners, as well as to ensure our platform’s stability, Attentive enforces a rate limit on the number of requests made to each endpoint. You can use your access token to make a maximum of 150 requests per second per endpoint except for subscription endpoints, which have a limit of 10 requests per second. This limit applies to both private and public applications.

If you exceed the rate limit, you’ll receive a 429 response. To avoid getting a 429 response, consider implementing a retry mechanism with an exponential backoff schedule. Building randomness into your backoff schedule can help prevent your API request from being retried concurrently with other requests.

Track usage

To assist in monitoring your API usage, your requests (including any that have exceeded the rate limit) will contain the following response headers with information on your current usage:

  • x-ratelimit-remaining: the number of requests that you can send in the next second without exceeding the current limit
  • x-ratelimit-limit: the total number of requests that you can send per second (i.e., the current rate limit)